“The price of his dream job was saying no to the many good, parallel paths he encountered.”

Probably one of the best articles I have read on career guidance in years. This brings clarity to my love of education and allows me to reflect on how I can best utilize my “highest point of contribution” in the field.

Harvard Business Review: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less


A few months ago, I fell upon a WordPress blog called Cooperative Catalyst: Changing Education as We Speak. In a recent post, Nikhil Goyal discusses the Millennial’s aka “Generation Screwed” and how Democratic Schools are giving students a space to vocalize their thoughts and make decisions. This creates “solutionaries” or self-directed learners who build on their collaborative skills and bring their community together while teachers/mentors play the role as the “guide on the side.”

Finally, a place where the voice, opinions and ideas of youth are put into action! How wonderful to give children who are building our future a chance to… control and build our future!

To read more details into how these Democratic Schools are functioning, please click here:

GOOD Education: The Rise of Democatic School and ‘Solutionaries’: Why Adults Need to Get Out of the Way



How are eastern Universities holding up after Hurricane Sandy?

Some classes have resumed and some are on schedule to commence in the next few days. Those that are still on hold are able to be in touch through Facebook, Twitter and other college community pages. It makes you think – how would we have survived without technology? To read more on the status of the east coast collegial world, click here.




Often I seek articles related to higher education. However, I stumbled upon an interesting read that highlighted the Top 50 Professors in business schools. I felt it was critical to learn about some of the innovative minds in MBA programs to better understand how they  blend their passions of the biz world into their field of education.

Poets and Quants features their top picks. They narrowed down the list by interviewing administration and students across the board. To read the full list of successful individuals who have found their way into the Top 50, see below:

The World’s Best Business School Professors




What drives you? What makes you feel alive? Tom Rath can help.

My career “spark” began in an adolescent development class in 2009. I knew I wanted to be part of an educational journey, but I was still maneuvering through “how.” I realized my purpose, passions and skills by speaking to mentors and by participating in a life-changing assessment: StrengthFinder 2.0.

This bestseller brings forth your 5 top talents and how they can be developed. Rath also gives you a clear way to look at your strengths personally and professionally (in the last year, I’ve bought 7 copes for fellow friends!). If you’re still struggling to narrow down how you can bring forth your best “self,” I encourage you to spend $14(-ish) dollars on Amazon.

Here is what I found out about me! My top StrengthFinder Themes are:


Happy Discovering!

NPR reports on the value of a college degree. Anthony P. Carnevale, Director and Lead of Study highlights:

The economy has added jobs specifically geared towards populations who have at least a bachelors degree. The unemployment rate for those with a college degree is only at 6% compared to those with only a high school education at 24%.

More specifically, this study creates awareness that ”the economy that is coming is one where the value of education after high school really determines whether or not you join the middle class.” To hear more in detail, click below:

Study: College Degree Holds Its Value