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Please take note of creative guru Ken Robinson.

“Formal education often gets in the way because it is typically focused on a very narrow idea of talent.”


When students begin their journey in the post-secondary world, they’re full of questions regarding academics, housing, financial aid… etc. So why do we often feed these young adults with the same routine answers when each individual is different and has different needs?


Penn State’s The Mentor discusses changing the paradigm of Academic Advising to Holistic Mentorship. A wonderful read for those working in Student Services; the article below speaks to those who would like to change their professional practice to meeting students social and emotional needs.

From Advising to Mentoring: Shifting the Metaphor

A few months ago, I fell upon a WordPress blog called¬†Cooperative Catalyst: Changing Education as We Speak. In a recent post, Nikhil Goyal discusses the Millennial’s aka “Generation Screwed” and how Democratic Schools are giving students a space to vocalize their thoughts and make decisions.¬†This creates “solutionaries” or self-directed learners who build on their collaborative skills and bring their community together while teachers/mentors play the role as the “guide on the side.”

Finally, a place where the voice, opinions and ideas of youth are put into action! How wonderful to give children who are building our future a chance to… control and build our future!

To read more details into how these Democratic Schools are functioning, please click here:

GOOD Education: The Rise of Democatic School and ‘Solutionaries’: Why Adults Need to Get Out of the Way