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College-Ahead“I don’t have to worry about college applications until senior year.” Wrong. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Courtney Tran, academic, instructor, tutor, and UC Berkeley student, explains what you need to do, what you don’t need to do, and how to Make the Best of the Application Season.



hashtagTeaching students the language of digital media is preparing them for the competitive job market. Jason Tham, Educator at St. Cloud State University discusses #Hashtags in the Writing Classroom. He breaks down the hashtag definition, as well as offers innovative ideas of integration into writing instruction. How is that for language evolution?

Georgetown University knows what they’re talking about. Recently, it is the relationship of your college major vs. unemployment. Who do you think is finding success and not falling into the 7.9% of jobless bachelor holders?



I’ll give you a hint… STEM. For those visual learners, see more about the recent report here HARD TIMES: Your Major Matters or via NPR by reading If the Employment Game Has Changed, Who is Teaching the Rules?

I’ve said a lot of things about the value of getting a college degree; how it furthers you in life, brings you one step closer to your professional career, etc. However, as high school grads begin to “measure the worth” of their perspective institution – it is key to consider the payoff. Will you be making a decent living by the time you’re an Alum? What will your student loan payment be? Moreover, will the entire “experience” be worth it? These questions (and some additional ones) should be thought of before your sign that tuition check: What’s the Value of a College Degree?

CareerBuilder shows survey results of the best paying jobs for 2 and 4 year degrees. There are many engineers and technicians in this list. However, the survey still shows that the path to professional success begins with higher education.

Best Paying Jobs for 2-and-4 Year Degrees

When students begin their journey in the post-secondary world, they’re full of questions regarding academics, housing, financial aid… etc. So why do we often feed these young adults with the same routine answers when each individual is different and has different needs?


Penn State’s The Mentor discusses changing the paradigm of Academic Advising to Holistic Mentorship. A wonderful read for those working in Student Services; the article below speaks to those who would like to change their professional practice to meeting students social and emotional needs.

From Advising to Mentoring: Shifting the Metaphor

Although I have completed my masters classes, I was thinking of taking a course in the MOOC world. A recent study discovered “which institution really had the smartest individuals.”

DedicateThis article helped me to narrow down my choice to MIT – the most intelligent in the US with students who have the best problem solving skills.

The 20 Smartest Colleges in America




“The price of his dream job was saying no to the many good, parallel paths he encountered.”

Probably one of the best articles I have read on career guidance in years. This brings clarity to my love of education and allows me to reflect on how I can best utilize my “highest point of contribution” in the field.

Harvard Business Review: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less


How are eastern Universities holding up after Hurricane Sandy?

Some classes have resumed and some are on schedule to commence in the next few days. Those that are still on hold are able to be in touch through Facebook, Twitter and other college community pages. It makes you think – how would we have survived without technology? To read more on the status of the east coast collegial world, click here.




Often I seek articles related to higher education. However, I stumbled upon an interesting read that highlighted the Top 50 Professors in business schools. I felt it was critical to learn about some of the innovative minds in MBA programs to better understand how they  blend their passions of the biz world into their field of education.

Poets and Quants features their top picks. They narrowed down the list by interviewing administration and students across the board. To read the full list of successful individuals who have found their way into the Top 50, see below:

The World’s Best Business School Professors