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hashtagTeaching students the language of digital media is preparing them for the competitive job market. Jason Tham, Educator at St. Cloud State University discusses #Hashtags in the Writing Classroom. He breaks down the hashtag definition, as well as offers innovative ideas of integration into writing instruction. How is that for language evolution?

Although I have completed my masters classes, I was thinking of taking a course in the MOOC world. A recent study discovered “which institution really had the smartest individuals.”

DedicateThis article helped me to narrow down my choice to MIT – the most intelligent in the US with students who have the best problem solving skills.

The 20 Smartest Colleges in America




A few months ago, I fell upon a WordPress blog called Cooperative Catalyst: Changing Education as We Speak. In a recent post, Nikhil Goyal discusses the Millennial’s aka “Generation Screwed” and how Democratic Schools are giving students a space to vocalize their thoughts and make decisions. This creates “solutionaries” or self-directed learners who build on their collaborative skills and bring their community together while teachers/mentors play the role as the “guide on the side.”

Finally, a place where the voice, opinions and ideas of youth are put into action! How wonderful to give children who are building our future a chance to… control and build our future!

To read more details into how these Democratic Schools are functioning, please click here:

GOOD Education: The Rise of Democatic School and ‘Solutionaries’: Why Adults Need to Get Out of the Way