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hashtagTeaching students the language of digital media is preparing them for the competitive job market. Jason Tham, Educator at St. Cloud State University discusses #Hashtags in the Writing Classroom. He breaks down the hashtag definition, as well as offers innovative ideas of integration into writing instruction. How is that for language evolution?

Although I have completed my masters classes, I was thinking of taking a course in the MOOC world. A recent study discovered “which institution really had the smartest individuals.”

DedicateThis article helped me to narrow down my choice to MIT – the most intelligent in the US with students who have the best problem solving skills.

The 20 Smartest Colleges in America




How are eastern Universities holding up after Hurricane Sandy?

Some classes have resumed and some are on schedule to commence in the next few days. Those that are still on hold are able to be in touch through Facebook, Twitter and other college community pages. It makes you think – how would we have survived without technology? To read more on the status of the east coast collegial world, click here.