She is a practitioner! Shay distinguished herself as one of the top intellectuals, writers, speakers and adolescent advocates in the class, frequently leading her peers in the application of theory and research in school and classroom settings.”
- Eric Toshalis, Ed.D. Harvard Graduate School of Education


She is passionate! Shay reveals to be hard-working, well-organized and reliable … I believe her patience, social skills and cultural sensitivity will be an important asset to help other students to enhance their learning.”
- Kao-Ly Yang, Ph.D. Anthropology & Linguistics, California State University, Fresno


She is a leader! “Shay invites discussion, asks meaningful stimulating questions, contributes her own ideas and always provides honest and useful feedback. She does this in a well-prepared and structured manner that allows others to more easily contribute – a hallmark of a true leader.”
- Hiroo Kato, M.A. Education, Pepperdine Graduate School of Education & Psychology


She is dedicated! “Shay Davis is a true educator. She is the most passionate, driven and devoted student to the field of education that I have encountered in all my years in education administration.”
‐ Chris Hoffmann, M.A. Higher Education Administration, New York University